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To maximise the support available to those members in our community who conduct themselves bravely to save life, property or the environment and thereby experience physical, emotional or other personal hardship.



  • To uphold the high principles and prestige of the Australian Bravery / Gallantry and the former Imperial Bravery / Gallantry Decorations system.
  • To afford focus and means for members of the Association to conduct commemorative or other functions from time to time.
  • To encourage continuing meritorious appointments of the Gallantry / Bravery Decorations system.
  • To encourage awareness in the Australian community of the Australian Bravery / Gallantry Decorations system and its history.
  • To promote good citizenship by example and service.
  • To do such lawful things as would further these objectives.



It is a well recognised fact that in earning their awards, members will have been subjected to enormous physical and or emotional stresses and as a result may suffer in varying degrees from some form of psychological damage.   

One of our members, Pamela Davidson BM, is a qualified professional counsellor who has been appointed as the Association's Honorary Psychologist. Initial contact to reach Pamela by telephone is 0422 238 641 or email her here.