The ABA is proud to support the Cross of Valour Association of Australia.

The following is a message from the CVAA to all members of the ABA. Click here to download a copy of the CVAA's first edition of its newsletter The Valour's Voice.


Hello all
Attached is Newsletter # 1 that was edited by Shannon Britten, who is
the wife of Tim Britten CV.  Shannon has done an excellent job and tells
us that it is the intention to produce an edition every six months.
As part of the recognition process to the five Australian Cross of
Valour recipients, it is requested that you pass this newsletter on to
anybody who you feel may be interested in reading it.
You will notice a background story on Darrell Tree CV.  Not many people
are aware of his background.  Tim and Shannon advise that they will
include a background story on one CV recipient in each edition.  The
next one will be Victor Boscoe CV, who was the second Cross of Valour
The forthcoming highlight for these men and their spouses/partners is
the visit to Canberra for the Australian Bravery Association conference
from 14 - 16 Feb 2014.  Hopefully, for the first time ever, the five CV
recipients will be in attendance and as Vice Patrons of the Australian
Bravery Association, will lay wreaths at the Australian War Memorial at
4.30pm on Friday, 14 Feb 14.  It is hoped that the Prime Minister and
Deputy Prime Minister will also attend.  It is due to the recent efforts
of these two men that the Cross of Valour recipients have
been authorised to receive annual annuities and air travel allowances,
in line with those afforded to Victoria Cross, Victoria Cross for
Australia and George Cross awardees.
Also, Tim and Shannon have requested that if anybody has a relevant
article that they feel is worthy of publishing in future editions of
Valour's Voice, please forward it to the email address that is shown at
the bottom of the last page.
We hope that you enjoy the read.
Kind regards
John Meyers OAM
Cross of Valour Association of Australia