Daniel Johnson BM


Mr Daniel Chan JOHNSON, Westend Qld 4101

On the morning of 26 December 2003, Mr Johnson confronted a man armed with a knife at West End, Brisbane. 

While an elderly pensioner sat in a chair on his front veranda, a stranger walked up to him and, in an unprovoked attack, stabbed him in the throat. Mr Johnson, who was staying with his grandmother in an adjacent unit, heard screams and went to investigate. The situation was highly charged as other neighbours gathered to assist the victim. Although a relative stranger to the neighbourhood, Mr Johnson challenged the offender, preventing him from further attacks on the elderly man. This provoked the offender to move towards Mr Johnson who tripped, falling to the footpath. Caught off guard Mr Johnson was stabbed around the shoulder and chest as the two struggled. When another neighbour intervened, the offender was momentarily distracted, but as Mr Johnson made to move away he was stabbed in the back with a second knife. The offender casually left the scene and later was witnessed in a nearby street stabbing another innocent victim. He was confronted by police and as he attempted to stab a police officer, was shot and died as a result of his injuries.

By his actions, Mr Johnson displayed considerable bravery.

Photo: Daniel Johnson BM (right) with James Foley BM