James Foley BM


Mr James Ronald FOLEY, Swan Hill Vic 3585

In the early hours of 17 October 2006, Mr Foley rescued family members from their burning house at Vinifera, Victoria.

Mr Foley was awoken by his father yelling that the family home was on fire. The house was filled with smoke, and in the darkness, Mr Foley woke his younger sister. He immediately smashed a window and helped push her through the opening to the side of the building. Concerned for the safety of his two younger brothers, Mr Foley ran to the rear of the house to check their whereabouts. He pulled doors off their hinges and crawled through the building which was now being engulfed by fire. Mr Foley continued to check for his brothers, yelling out their names. Fearing for their lives, he crawled further into the house where he discovered both boys, and was able to assist them out of the building and to safety with the rest of the family. Mr Foley ran for help to a next door neighbour and then moved the family car from the scene of the fire, getting his brothers and sister into the vehicle to ensure their safety.

By his actions, Mr Foley displayed considerable bravery.

Photo: James Foley BM (left) with Daniel Johnson BM