All applications for membership should be on the approved form and are reviewed and approved by the Associations Committee.

There are a number of classes of membership:


1. Ordinary Membership

Bravery and gallantry recipients or their nominated next of kin in the case of a posthumous awardee or deceased awardee under the Australian or former Imperial Decorations System. This extends to bravery awards made by Law Enforcement, Corrective Services, Emergency Services and Philanthropic Organisations.

2. Associate Membership

Individuals who have a direct next of kin or close relationship to an Ordinary Member or a member of the Association admitted as a result of his or her special qualifications, interest or capacity to support the aims and objectives of the Association and accepted by the National Executive.

3. Life Membership

For nominated persons who have given long and distinguished service to the Association and to the attainment of its goals and objectives.

Current Life Members:

Mr John Thurgar SC MBE OAM RFD,
Mr Graeme Samuels BM,
Mrs Hedonna Thurgar,
Mr Jim Runham SC AFSM OAM JP,
Mr Victor Boreham OAM, 
Mrs Coralee Lever,
Mrs Sally Gregory,
Mr James Preston, and
Ms Melanie Warburton.

4. Honorary Membership

Category One: is open to an individual who is a Level 1 Bravery or Gallantry award recipient under the Australian Bravery/Gallantry Decorations and the former Imperial Bravery/Gallantry Decorations systems.

Category Two: is open to an individual who has accepted an invitation by the National Executive to become an Honorary Member.

Current Honorary Members:

Mr Warwick Cary ESM,
Mr Jon Stanhope AO,
Mr Keith Payne VC AM,
Mr Darrell Tree CV,
Mr Tim Britten CV,
Mr Allan Sparkes CV,
Mr Victor Boscoe CV, 
Mr Richard Joyes CV, 
Mr Doug Baird,
Associate Professor Geoffrey Boyce FRCP (Edin and Glas) FRACP FACP FAAN FAADEP,
Ms Pamela Davidson BM, 
Chaplain Jim Cosgrove, and
Mr Bernard Collaery.

Membership Fees & Forms

Membership fees are due annually by calendar year.


Membership: $30.00
Renewal of Ordinary Membership: $30.00 per year or 5 years $90.00


Membership: $20.00
Renewal of Associate Membership: $20.00 per year or 5 years $60.00


Honorary Membership to all Australian Level 1 recipients: Gratis 

Honorary Membership to non-Level 1 recipients: Gratis 

Life Subscription

Life Subscription: $300.00 (Available to the three catergoies above).
Once only fee. A maximum number of one hundred subscribers are allowed.

Financial Hardship

Concession is available upon request in writing to the 'National President' for consideration by the 'National Executive'.

All new Ordinary Members Receive a "Certificate of Membership" and a "Lapel Pin"


NOTE: Should a member find themselves in necessitous circumstances, please apply to the Membership Secretary to waive the fees.

The Australian Bravery Association Incorporated (ABN 69 283 023 920) is a Registered Charity and Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible.