Mitchell Beare


Mr Mitchell Edwin BEARE, 99 Central Green Drive, Narangba Qld 4504

On the afternoon of 6 December 2010, Mr Mitchell Beare rescued a boy from a flooded storm water drain.

As a boy tried to cross a bridge in the park near the Burpengary sporting fields, he slipped and fell in front of a storm water drain. Mr Beare heard him calling for help and ran to the flooded drain. He saw the boy was sucked up to his waist in the drain pipe, and his brother was holding onto him. After sending the brother to seek help, Mr Beare grabbed hold of the boy, who was now submerged, and put his foot against the concrete wall surrounding the drain. Using this leverage he managed to pull the boy’s head above the water where he found him unconscious and not breathing. Unable to pull the boy out of the drain, Mr Beare moved his grip to his chest and attempted CPR compressions. The victim soon regained consciousness and, with assistance, Mr Beare managed to wrench the boy free.

For his actions, Mr Beare is commended for brave conduct.

Photo: Mitchell Beare with the then Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Quentin Bryce AD, CVO