Shane Allen BM


Mr Shane James ALLEN, Calwell ACT 2905

On the afternoon of 17 September 2013, Mr Shane Allen rescued a boy from a flooded stormwater drain in Tuggeranong, Australian Capital Territory.  

Mr Allen was cycling along a bike path parallel to a stormwater drain between Isabella Plains and Richardson when he heard screams. A 13 year old boy was being swept along the drain, which was flooded with fast running water after extensive rain. Mr Allen jumped off his bike, climbed over a fence and chased the boy. After trying unsuccessfully to use his backpack to reach the boy, he shouted to him to grab a ladder on the side of the drain.  

The boy was however swept past several ladders without being able to grab hold of any. Mr Allen sprinted some 200 metres ahead to another ladder and climbed down until he was waist deep in the water. He hooked one arm around the ladder and as the boy rushed toward him, he grabbed his wrist and swung him to the edge of the drain. He then assisted the boy out of the water and stayed with him until the arrival of paramedics.

By his actions, Mr Allen displayed considerable bravery.

Photo: Shane Allen BM (right) with  the Governor-General, His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)