The Darrell Tree CV Prize is the Australian Bravery Association's Schools Competition which aims to develop recognition of acts of bravery by members of the community who selflessly put themselves in jeopardy to protect the lives or property of others, and to develop knowledge about the Australian honours and awards system.

Using research and inquiry based learning students investigate the acts of brave Australians and their contributions to the Australian community and way of life.

The Darrell Tree CV Prize is open to all school and home-schooled students in Years 8 & 9 across Australia.

The competition is named after Australian Bravery Association Vice-Patron, Darrell Tree CV. Darrell is the first of only five Australians to have received Australia’s highest bravery decoration, the Cross of Valour (the ‘civilian’ equivalent to the Victoria Cross). Click here to read Darrell's story.

2015 Prize Topic


History is the story of our past. Australian men and women have contributed to our history through their acts of bravery. There have been just over 4000 Bravery awards awarded since the Australian honours and awards system was introduced 40 years ago.  Those awards have been granted to ordinary Australians who have done extraordinary things. These Australians are an important part of our history and the Australian way of life.


With reference to at least two to three actual recipients, how significant have the contributions of these ordinary Australians been to the Australian way of life?

Note: Entrants must refer to Bravery recipients, not Gallantry recipients. For more information about the Australian Bravery Decorations click here.

Students are required to respond to the topic question in an essay format or via an audio visual presentation.

Prize (Sponsored by Aspen Medical)

1st Prize: $1000 educational scholarship plus Australian Bravery Coin

2nd Prize: $500 educational scholarship plus Australian Bravery Coin

3rd Prize: $250 educational scholarship plus Australian Bravery Coin

Prizewinners also receive a plaque and Australian Bravery Coin (valued at $120).

Highly Commended Certificates will be awarded to outstanding entries.

All participants will also receive Certificates of Participation.

CLOSING DATE:  6 November 2015

COMPETITION FLYER (Click to download)