The Australian Bravery and Gallantry Decorations in the Australian Honours System recognise distinguished acts of bravery or gallantry by members of the community and uniformed services. Recipients have selflessly placed themselves in jeopardy to protect life, property or the environment.

 The Australian Bravery Association is a not-for-profit incorporated association which aims to maximise the support available to those members in our community who conduct themselves bravely to save life, property or the environment and thereby experience physical, emotional or other personal hardship.

The Australian Bravery Association seeks to promote awareness of and uphold the high principles and prestige of the Australian Honours System and the previous Imperial Honours System.  

Membership to the Australian Bravery Association is open to all recipients of an Australian Bravery or Gallantry award irrespective as to whether it is a current Australian honour or a previously awarded former Imperial honour.

Ordinary Membership is also extended to recipients of other official awards bestowed in recognition for Bravery and Gallantry such as Police Services, Fire Departments, Royal Humane Society’s etc. Other classes of membership are open to recipient’s families as well. 



The ABA is pleased to have Doug Baird, father of Corporal Cameron Baird VC, MG, accept Vice-Patronage of the association. He joins Keith Payne VC, AM and all five Cross of Valour recipients; Darrell Tree CV, Victor Boscoe CV, Allan Sparkes CV OAM, Tim Britten CV and Richard Joyes CV; as our current Vice-Patrons. We thank them for their support.

The ABA is also proud to support the Cross of Valour Association of Australia. The first edition of their publication The Valour's Voice can be downloaded here.



ABA Newsletter April 2017

Click here to download the April 2017 Newsletter.

That Day - the Official Song of the Australian Bravery Association 

The ABA is pleased to launch the That Day, the official song of the ABA. Click here to hear the song and read the lyrics.

The Darrell Tree CV Prize - ABA Schools Compeition 

Congratulations to Harrison Walther, the inargual winner of the The Darrell Tree CV Prize, the ABA Schools Competition. The list of major prize winners can be downloaded here. For more information about the competition click here.


Upcoming Events:

  • Mildura ABA Reunion (9-11 June 2017). Click here for details. 
  • South Australia Bravery Reunion (August 2017). 
  • Queensland Bravery Reunion (13-15 October 2017). 
  • New South Wales Bravery Dinner (November 2017). 
  • ABA 2018 National Conference (9-11 February 2018).

Recents Events:

ABA 2017 National Conference (10-12 February 2017).

The National Conference in Canberra was a great success. Thanks to the Royal Australian Mint for their wonderful support and a great Annual Dinner. Click here for full details.

New South Wales Bravery Dinner (26 November 2016). 

Click here for full details. 

Ocean Kayaking Adventure (21-23 October 2016). 

Project Stay Afloat and the Skee Kayak & SUP Centre have extended an invitation to the members of the Australian Bravery Association to join them on an exciting guided adventure on NSW’s picturesque north coast. Click here for details.

Queensland Bravery Reunion (14-16 October 2016). 

Queensland hosted its Bravery Reunion at Surfers Paradise from 14 to 16 October 2016.  Click here for the full program. 


AGM on 11 February 2017 

The AGM was held at 9am on Saturday 11 February 2017.

Click here to view the 2017 National Executive.